Teen Calls Out Racist Woman On Train

A teenager in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada called out a 75-year-old passenger when she made some racist remarks to a Filipino couple on a train on Aug. 21.

Ashley Klassen filmed and posted a video of the incident on Facebook with a caption: “This is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Unfiltered Vancouver racism. Shout out to the kid up front.”

“I was born and raised right here,” the woman said to the Filipino couple. “Go back to the f*cking Philippines.”

After a teen boy objected, the woman said he was “a loser” and a “f*cking little boy –you think you’re so big.”

Transit Police said someone pressed the yellow emergency strip on the train, notes NEWS 1130. When the train pulled into a station, police boarded the train and spoke to the couple and witnesses, but the woman had already left.

Ann Drennan of the Transit Police said the woman has had run-ins with officers before: “She becomes extremely angry, uses her temper and does various things in the throes of her anger. There’s no physical violence involved but it appears to be more verbal.”

(Sources: NEWS 1130, Ashley Klassen/Facebook)

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