Teacher Yells N-Word In Class, Says It’s Ok Because She Had Black Nanny

The Kenosha Unified School District in Wisconsin has placed a teacher on on paid leave after she was filmed shouting the n-word in at Bradford High School on Nov. 29.

A female student told WDJT that some students were uncomfortable while others laughed it off: “It’s not a class that I feel like I want to participate in anymore.”

Parent Kristal Manthe added:

She brought up that when she was younger she had a nanny who was of color, and that people often called her nanny that so she felt comfortable using that type of language. “Her influence on them is going to make them think that this type of language is ok in the future, and that really bothered me.

A father of a student in the class said he went to the principal the day it happened, but no action was taken. The school district said they found out about the incident on Nov. 29.

(Source: WDJT)

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