Teacher Sends Anti-Gay Message to Former Student on Facebook, Gets Caught, Quickly Apologizes

A teacher in Hamilton County, Tennessee, sent an anti-gay message to a former student, Hannah Kelley, criticizing her same-sex relationship.

The teacher, Erika Perry, who taught Kelley four years ago, wrote: “I know you want love but woman to woman should only be a friendly love and not a sexual one.”

Kelley told WRCB that she was not close to the teacher, and was shocked to receive the message:

Immediately I felt the heat on my cheeks. I was just so upset and baffled by the message, it was just shocking.

Hamilton County Department of Education Communications Officer Cody Patterson also condemned the teacher’s message:

We are aware of a message circulating on social media from a teacher to a former student and do not condone it as a public entity operating under the separation of church and state. Hamilton County Schools strives to create an inclusive, welcoming environment for all students regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or economic background. Our diversity is our strength. Our mission is to serve and care for all students as well as their families.

After being called out, the teacher issued an apology, and parroted the school district:

Kelley thanked her online friends for their support on Facebook.

(Sources: WRCB, Hannah Kelley/Facebook, Hannah Kelley/Facebook)

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