Teacher Fired After Racist Tirade Against Hispanic Couple

Tiffany Scott lost her teaching job at KIPP Voyage Academy after videos surfaced of her making racist remarks to a Hispanic couple after a car accident on Oct. 9 in Houston.

Scott told Jose Sanchez said his fiancee Kimberly Lopez that “you swam here with the rest of your family” and that she had to “teach their dumbasses [kids].”

Lopez posted videos of Scott’s tirades on Facebook, where they went viral and KIPP Academy officials fired Scott, whose troubles continued.

Houston police said officers responded to an “accident with a disturbance” and arrested Scott for allegedly slapping a cellphone out of Lopez’s hands, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Scott later claimed the Hispanic couple insulted her first: “They asked me if I swam from Africa to Houston… My intentions was never to bring any other race down, so I want to go ahead and apologize for that.”

The Hispanic couple denied making the remarks, while Scott claimed the couple spat on her and used other racial slurs.

Scott said she’s contemplating legal action and insisted that she’s not racist: “I made sure that, when I came to Houston, I gave 100 percent and I made sure that every child I taught knew that Ms. Scott loved them.”

(Source: Houston Chronicle)

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  1. I’m black and this woman is disgusting. What a sad display. We should be uniting with our Hispanic brothers and sisters. This isn’t right.


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