Taxpayers Pay $1.25 Million To Innocent Black Doctor After Illinois Police Beat Him For Stealing His Own Car

The City of Evanston, Illinois is going to pay $1.25 million to Dr. Lawrence Crosby, who is black, who was beaten by police officers who thought he was stealing his own car on October 10, 2015.

Evanston City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz confirmed a settlement was reached with Crosby, but refused to tell taxpayers the amount of the settlement pending final approval by the City Council next week, notes the Associated Press.

However, Crosby’s attorney, Timothy Touhy, told the Chicago Tribune that the settlement was $1.25 million.

Crosby was a doctoral student at Northwestern University when he was trying to repair loose molding on his car and a white woman called the police to report a black man trying to steal a car.

When Crosby drove off, the white woman followed Crosby in her car as he drove to Northwestern University’s science building; she gave the police his location.

Crosby got out the car with his hands raised after being stopped by police, but was tackled and beaten by the cops.

Police determined the car belonged to Crosby, but charged him anyhow with disobeying officers and resisting arrest (for a crime he did not commit).

An Evanston Police Department spokesman said in 2015 that the use of force by police was justified (against the innocent black man).

(Source: The Associated Press via NBC News)

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