Taxpayers Held Responsible After Cop Allows Police Dog To Maul Handcuffed Man, Cop Joked About Attack

James Edward Cicco recently received a financial settlement from Beaver Borough, Pennsylvania, after filing a federal civil rights lawsuit that claimed former K-9 officer, Jeffrey Wijnen-Reims, used excessive force in August 2016 (audio below).

A police dash cam video of the incident shows Cicco being bitten by Wijnen-Reims’s police dog while handcuffed, notes the Beaver Countian.

The Pennsylvania State Police ruled that Wijnen-Reims committed no criminal wrongdoing during the arrest (and assault) of Cicco. 

In a 911 call, Wijnen-Reims was heard joking with the 911 operator about the brutal police dog attack, reported the Beaver Countian (audio below).

District Attorney David Lozier claimed in court that the Beaver Countian’s reporting of the story — protected free speech under the First Amendment — was an attempt to undermine the criminal justice system.

Three separate judges dismissed dozens of felony and other charges against Cicco, while the remaining misdemeanor charges ended in a hung jury trial.

Cicco was only convicted of driving on a suspended license.

The settlement agreement was kept secret, but a source told the Beaver Countian that the town’s insurance carrier paid about $250,000 to Cicco.

The citizens of Beaver Borough, not the police, will reportedly be responsible for paying $25,000 to Cicco.

Following the incident involving Cicco, the city retired its police dog, put its K-9 vehicle up for sale and Wijnen-Reims resigned.

(Sources: Beaver Countian, Beaver Countian)


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