SUV Plows Into New York City Laundromat

A 74-year-old driver backed his SUV through a laundromat in the Staten Island area of New York City on Sept. 3 (raw video below).

Six people were injured in the crash and rushed to a hospital, notes WCBS.

According to police, the elderly driver may have mixed up the gas and brake pedals when he gunned his car in reverse. 

Witness Zoraida Michelle recalled what happened next:

We had this explosion and we see the car coming, but he was coming so fast, there was no time. Before I could grab my daughter, he pinned her and my father against the dryer.

Michelle’s 33-year-old daughter, Jaqueline, seriously injured and remained hospitalized.

“Her legs looked like they were twisted up,” Michelle added. “I just held onto her hand until they came.”

When the elderly driver got out of his SUV one of the victims slapped him in the face.

In addition to the medical bills of the injured, a new heavy glass storefront will have to be installed at the laundromat, along with four washers, four dryers, and a dented vending machine.

(Source: WCBS, Staten Island Advance/YouTube)

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