Survivor of Medical Abuse in ICE Jail Deported After Speaking Out: ‘They Wanted to Take My Womb Out’

Whistleblowing nurse Dawn Wooten spoke out in September about an alarmingly high rate of unneeded hysterectomies performed on immigrant women incarcerated by (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) ICE at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia.

Three women told The Intercept that Dr. Mahendra Amin, nicknamed “the uterus collector,” had performed at least 20 hysterectomies over six years. Dr. Amin has denied this.

Jaromy Floriano Navarro, a survivor of alleged medical abuse and neglect Dr. Amin, shared some of her harrowing stories with Democracy Now from Mexico, as she was deported.

(Sources: Democracy Now, The Intercept)

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