Supreme Court Rules That Companies Can Deny Their Female Employees Birth Control Coverage, Huge Win For Nuns Who Oppose Adults Using Contraception

In a 7-2 ruling (Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania), the U.S. Supreme Court said that companies can now meddle in their employees health care by blocking birth control coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

The New York Times reports that government estimates show that “about 70,000 to 126,000 women could lose contraceptive coverage from their employers.”

By citing religious or moral objections, organizations and companies can now police their female employees’ reproductive choices.

The Trump administration took the side of organizations and companies.

Churches, temples and mosques have been exempt from the birth control coverage requirement since 2011.

Nonprofit organizations such as schools and hospitals affiliated with religious organizations had to fill out a simple two-page waver to be exempt from the birth control mandate (which they wrongly claimed was abortion).

The Atlantic noted in 2015 how a Catholic Charity, The Little Sisters of the Poor, refused to fill out that simple two-page waver and filed the lawsuit that opposed the waver (which led to day’s ruling for The Little Sisters of the Poor):

A three-member panel of judges ruled that the Obama administration has come up with a sufficient accommodation for religious organizations like the Little Sisters: If they object to providing insurance coverage to employees who want to buy birth control, organizations can sign a two-page form stating that objection.

That’s it—from there, the administration will arrange for a third-party provider to make sure the employee can get coverage. But the Little Sisters, along with schools like Notre Dame and other religious organizations, claimed that signing that piece of paper was the moral equivalent of condoning birth control.

(Sources: The New York Times, The Atlantic, Photo Credit: The Washington Post/YouTube)

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