Subway Manager Goes On Profane Racist Rant, Gets Fired

The manager of a Subway restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, was fired after going on a racist and profane rant against an employee’s family on July 30.

Facebook user Antuan Pace uploaded the video on August 1 with a caption:


The video shows the manager, April Epperson, screaming at Pace and other black people. Pace tells April: “You can’t fire her because we aren’t in the store.”

Epperson calls 911 and tells Pace: “I’m fixin to slap the (expletive) phone out of your hand,” notes the Alabama Media Group.

Epperson repeatedly asks the family members to leave the store, but Pace tells her that she was the one who invited them in.”

Epperson fires back:

I called you in here to have an adult conversation with you to stay out of my store because it’s not a (expletive) rest area… Get out of my (expletive) store… I got you on camera stupid mother (expletive). You’re fired.

Pace told Birmingham activist Carlos Chaverst Jr. that he and his mother went to the store to see his sister working her first day in a show of support.

Epperson told WBRC: “She’s in training and while she’s here she doesn’t need a distraction. I’m going to need them to get away from the property or step off the property while she’s at work.”

Chaverst told the Alabama media Group that Epperson twice assaulted Pace – first slapping the phone out of his hand, and then physically pushing him out of the store. 

Epperson told a different story to WBRC:

He punched me in my face. I pushed him out the door because that was the only thing I knew to do. I felt like I was in danger. I pushed him out the door. He punches me in my face and as soon as I shut the door, the only thing that came out of my mouth was, “N*****,” and I’m sorry.

It could have been a Mexican standing there. It popped out of my mouth that’s what that Mexican would have got called. That white person would have got called that too.

I said the wrong word. I’m sorry for it. I am taking my punishment and I’m walking away from it. I get that I screwed up. I’m a big girl. I can handle it. But I can’t handle being called racist on national television over a slip up

A Subway spokesman issued a statement:

We are very upset that this happened and it does not reflect our core value to respect every individual. We welcome all guests to our restaurant and given the unacceptable behavior of the manager, she no longer works for us. We take this very seriously and have suspended operations until the staff has completed retraining in proper guest interaction.

A sign on the Subway door said it was closed for employee training. 

(Source: Alabama Media Group, WBRC)

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