Substitute Teacher Body Slams Student In North Carolina

Mayo Corrales posted a video on Facebook of a substitute teacher body slamming her 12-year-old son on Feb. 14 at Western Guilford Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Corrales wrote on Facebook that her son “was suspended for 7 days” after being slammed to the floor.

WGHP reports that the substitute teacher was fired after the incident.

The boy who was slammed, Jose Escudero, told WGHP that the substitute teacher took away his box of chocolates (possibly for Valentine’s Day) and threw them in the sink.

Jose tried to get his chocolates back at the end of class when he says the substitute teacher tried grabbing the treat from him.

According to Jose, the substitute teacher then grabbed his shirt, pinned him up against a wall and body slammed him, which is when the cellphone video picks up.

Jose suffered bruises on his elbow, shoulder and back.

Guilford County Schools spokeswoman Tina Firesheets said the substitute teacher no longer works for the school district.

Jose and his mother are planning legal action against the school and substitute teacher, who refused to comment to WGHP.

(Sources: WGHP, Mayo Corrales/Facebook)

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