Study: What Stops COVID-19 From Spreading? Empathy For Other People’s Health

A new study from Aarhus University has found that the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is empathy for others, notes the journal Psychological Science.

Stefan Pfattheicher, an associate professor at the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences at Aarhus University, explained the results is a press release:

We show that empathy for the most vulnerable is an important factor, and that it can be used actively to combat the pandemic. I believe that policy makers can use our new knowledge in their efforts to get more people to follow the guidelines – and ultimately save lives.

The researchers say that people who are less empathetic are less likely to keep others safe by following COVID-19 restrictions such as masks, social distancing and shutdowns, reports Study Finds:

Participants who learn about actual people impacted by COVID report having a higher level of empathy for the crisis. These individuals also say they have a greater willingness to use face masks and remain socially distant.

“Pro-life” Republicans and evangelicals have consistently opposed COVID-19 restrictions while U.S. cornavirus cases and deaths have continued to increase.

(Sources: Study Finds, Psychological Science, Aarhus University)

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