Study: Some Mouthwashes Can Kill COVID-19 in 30 Seconds

A new study from scientists at Cardiff University in Wales has found that over-the-counter mouthwashes containing at least 0.07% cetypyridinium chloride (CPC) can kill the coronavirus in 30 seconds in a lab setting, reports BBC News.

While the mouthwash may help kill the virus in saliva, there is not evidence it could be used to stop COVID-19 when it gets into the respiratory tract or the lungs.

Dr. Richard Stanton, lead author on the study, said this study supports another recent study which found CPC-based mouthwashes are effective in reducing viral load.

The Hill reports on similar studies:

study published in July in the Journal of Infectious Diseases from a team of researchers in Germany found that several mouthwash products, including Listerine, “significantly reduced viral infectivity to undetectable levels” when applied to strains of the virus for 30 seconds. 

Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine recently released similar findings showing that Listerine and other products could inactivate more than 99.9 percent of a virus similar to the strain that causes COVID-19 after 30 seconds of exposure.

(Sources: BBC News, The Hill. Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr)

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