Study Links Sturgis Motorcycle Rally To 266K COVID-19 Cases: ‘Super Spreading Event’

A new study by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics tracked cell phone data at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, and found the August 7-16 event was a COVID-19 “super spreading event.”

The Associated Press reported that most people who attended the event did not wear masks or social distance.

The study estimates that more than 266,000 COVI-19 cases were caused by the rally — no social distancing or mask wearing — which was predicted by NewsVideoClip.TV on Aug. 7.

The IZA Institute of Labor Economics estimated these new coronavirius cases added up to $12 billion in public health costs, not including any death costs, notes The Hill:

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally represents a situation where many of the “worst-case scenarios” for superspreading occurred simultaneously: the event was prolonged, included individuals packed closely together, involved a large out-of-town population (a population that was orders of magnitude larger than the local population), and had low compliance with recommended infection countermeasures such as the use of masks.

(Sources: The Hill, The Associated Press)

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