Study: Christian Nationalists Believe God Wants Them To Have Guns

A new study has found that Christian nationalists, those who believe the U.S. is a “Christian nation,” also believe that God wants them to have guns.

Researchers Andrew Whitehead, Landon Schnabel and Samuel Perry noted their study results in The Washington Post:

For Christian nationalists, the gun-control debate isn’t just about guns. It’s about a perceived blessing by God of the right to bear arms. Any attempt to limit this right is a denial of the foundational liberties instituted by God.

Moreover, Christian nationalists believe that any government attempts to fix social problems such as gun violence are foolish. Governments can’t fix the wickedness in people’s hearts. For Christian nationalists, the only way to protect our nation from the menace of gun violence is to address the nation’s underlying “moral decline.”

We suspected that Americans who want the United States to be a Christian nation would be less likely to agree that gun control is a viable answer to the problem of gun violence…

Also, we found that Americans who attend religious services more often are more supportive of gun control. It isn’t actively religious people who oppose gun control; it is Christian nationalists.

The Friendly Atheist notes the irony of Christian nationalists supporting guns so strongly:

You would think the people who put their faith in a man who talked about turning the other cheek would be less inclined to fight for the right to own weapons that could kill in an instant…

(Sources: The Washington Post, SAGE Journals, Friendly Atheist, Photo Credit: Ken Wilcox/Flickr)

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