Student Kicks Chair Out From Classmate Sitting During Pledge Of Allegiance

A student at Winters Mill High School in Westminster, Maryland, was filmed kicking a chair out from underneath a sitting student who was not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance.

The bullying video was originally posted on Instagram with a caption the lectured about respect, reports the Carroll County Times:

Some people don’t understand how disrespectful it is to sit during the pledge or national anthem and deserves to get there ass kicked More of y’all need (stand up) to these jackasses that sit during the pledge.if you have an issue with what I did today talk to me about it not your little buddy’s behind my back. #standthef***up #america #dumbass #hedeservedmore #bitch.

The pledge is recited every morning at Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS), but students, by law, do not have to stand for it.

Dana Falls, director of student services for the school system, said the student would be disciplined, but refused to discuss the incident. Falls cited the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which does not apply to bullying incidents, but is often used by schools to conceal facts from the public.

CCPS spokeswoman Carey Gaddis said  the sitting student did not indicate that sitting during the pledge was a protest, but the sitting student wrote on social media:

I was practicing my right to free speech, a right given to me by the soldiers that I do respect, unlike what he says. I simply will not stand and pledge allegiance to a country that is run by a racist, sexist, bigoted, fascist. I will not stand for a country who mistreats those who aren’t white and rich. Forced patriotism is fascism, and nothing less. So I invite all to join me tomorrow, and #sitthef***down if you believe that free speech is a fundamental right of the people, and that it should be protected,

(Source: Carroll County Times)

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