Student Films Teacher Playing Game Of Hangman With N-Word, Student Is Suspended From School

A student, Siciley Cannon, recently filmed a teacher playing hangman with a student using the word “n-ggers” at Kokomo High School in Washington State.

Cannon tweeted the video with a caption:

I got suspended for 2 days for this video!! haha I’m sick, khs will do anything to get a student in trouble to save their staff.

Cannon told the Kokomo Tribune that she originally shared the video on Snapchat, other people copied it and turned it into the school administration.

Cannon was told on Nov. 29 by school administrators that the school handbook says students are not allowed to film other students or school staff without consent.

Cannon told the Kokomo Tribune: 

I did not think I was going to get in trouble. I would have never thought, “I’m about to get in trouble for this.”

The Kokomo Tribune identified the teacher as Greg Ostapa, a paraprofessional.

Cannon described what happened after Ostapa saw her filming him and the student playing hangman:

When he saw that I didn’t think it was funny, he hurried up and tried to erase it. He just didn’t make it seem like what he was doing was wrong.

The Kokomo School Corporation said Ostapa has been told of his pending termination, which will likely be approved by school board members.

Cannon said she’s glad Ostapa is being fired, and added that she’s received support from other students and teachers.

(Sources: Siciley Cannon/TwitterKokomo Tribune)

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