Focus on the Family Claims 8 Million Insured Americans, 4 Million Covered by Medicaid & CHIP is “Very Small”

Focus on the Family’s political arm CitizenLink tried to downplay the number of Americans who now have health insurance (8 million) and are covered under Medicaid and CHIP expansion for kids (4 million) in yet another effort to attack Obamacare.

While Focus on the Family wants Obamacare repealed, the Christian ministry never offers an alternative to provide families or individuals with health insurance.

CitizenLink also failed to mention that the percentage of uninsured Americans has actually gone down to its lowest level since 2008.

Amazingly, CitizenLink claimed it’s not about “partisan politics” while host Stuart Shephard was gleefully hoping the Republicans could take over the U.S. Senate. His co-host lamented what will happen if ‘we do not regain the Senate in 2014.”

(Sources: CitizenLink and Focus on the Family)

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