Stormy Daniels Burns ‘Tiny’ Trump After He Calls Her ‘Horseface’

Porn star Stormy Daniels burned President Donald Trump after he called her “Horseface” on Twitter.

Daniels, whose tell-all book ‘Full Disclosure” was released on Oct. 2, fired back with an allusion to Trunp’s penis size and a suggestion that he enjoys animals too much:

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin recalled the names that Trump has called women over the years, and suggested this latest Twitter tantrum is the president’s distraction from the suspected murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi:

CNN reports one White House official isn’t sure if he’s trying to distract from the Saudi Arabia coverage, but the official says, hey, it’s something he’s good at doing. Translation, why yes, this appears to be a calculated move to get us talking about something else. But the truth is, the pressure is mounting, a journalist is feared murdered and this president still faces a decision on how to respond as questions grow over his own ties to the Saudis.

That is the reality. Now the misogyny. This comes at a time when he defends mocking a woman who spoke her truth, told her story of surviving sexual assault, chalking it up to mocking her doesn’t matter, “I won, I got Justice Kavanaugh,” and now publicly criticizing a woman’s looks.

No matter how often this happens, it should never be normal. This president has called women fat pigs, dogs, slops, disgusting, ugly, dumb, dumbest, dumb as a rock, unhinged, low life, Pocahontas. And now Trump calls Stormy Daniels a horseface.

(Source: Stormy Daniels/Twitter, CNN)

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