Star Parker: Parkland Shooting Victims Should Have Been Nicer To The Gunman

Conservative pundit Star Parker claimed on Feb. 21 that the students who were victims of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14 should have been nicer to the gunman before he got expelled from the school (for threatening students).

EWTN host Lauren Ashburn asked Parker to explain why she blames the “students for this shooting,” notes Right Wing Watch. 

Parker suggested the student shooting victims — who are protesting for gun safety laws — had not checked themselves inwardly:

Well, not necessarily one individual student, but we can call for gun control if we want to as a nation, we can call for more federal laws if we want to as a nation, but usually when you’re faced with tragedy, you first check yourself.

We have forgotten how to just look inwardly. We’ve become such a nation of victims that we’ve forgotten to say, “Wait a minute, what could I have done?’”

Ashburn asked Parker what the shooting victims could have done differently.

Parker claimed the shooting victims neglected to greet the shooter:

Well, perhaps said “hello,” perhaps said ‘I’m sorry to hear your dad died. This is a very small community of people we’re talking about.

This is not the responsibility of Washington, D.C., or the NRA. This is the responsibility of people that are closest to someone to be able to look them in the eye as an individual.

So the challenge of this whole nation of victims is that now it’s not about us anymore, it’s about somebody else, our problems are somebody else’s fault.

Well, no, actually, this is a very small community, someone must have saw his sadness, someone must have known his dad died.

Later in the interview, Parker laid more blame on the shooting victims:

Well, they expelled him probably because he was acting out. and he was acting out probably because he didn’t have any friends—you know, whoever sat next to him in class, they’d better not be the ones who are protesting out there today.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office tweeted a list of the 18 calls they received about the gunman, Nikolas Cruz:

(Sources: Right Wing Watch, EWTN/YouTube, Broward Sheriff/Twitter)

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