St. Paul, Minnesota Cop Curses At Man Filming Him

St. Paul, Minnesota Police Officer Benny Williams was filmed cursing at Andrew Casey on Aug. 29

Williams later made a video-taped apology in which he cited his passion about being a cop as justification:

I’m very passionate about what I do and today I just had a human moment where I just said some things that just were not professional.

Casey told “That’s not an apology, that’s a statement into the air.”

Casey said he was heading to a friend’s house when he noticed an unmarked police car and two plainclothes officers.

 One shouted, “Hey, do you live there?” Casey recalled.

Casey told Twin that he chose to flex his rights as a citizen:

I have no legal obligation to talk to an officer when I’m walking down the street, nor did I even know where this was coming from. He didn’t identify himself or anything for that matter. I didn’t answer the first time.

The situation escalated, and Casey started filming with his cellphone and asked for Williams’ badge number.

Williams replied “911. Put [the camera] in my face, I’m gonna slap you down, bitch.” 

Casey told

I’ve never been more intimidated by a police officer in my life. … I just don’t understand how a temperament like that exists on a police force. I didn’t get pulled over, I didn’t do anything illegal. He physically threatens me and throws a fake punch at me. If I’d have done that to him, I’d have been in jail (Thursday) night.


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