St. Louis Cop Hits Woman’s Legally Parked Car, Drives Off, City Blames Her

A St. Louis police officer’s patrol car side-swiped Danielle Allen’s legally parked car at 3 a.m. on July 26.

Allen explained the situation to KTVI

My car was parked legally in front of and the police officer sideswiped it, stopped, then circled back a few times. Pretty much a hit and run and leaving scene of an accident.

We reviewed the cameras, a good six hours’ worth, and noticed the police officer was the only one to come that close and make contact with in my video. I got a letter saying the police officer was not responsible, not liable for accident, and is denying it all.

Even though Allen’s home surveillance camera caught the hit-and-run on video, the City of St. Louis refused to pay for the damage to Allen’s car in a letter:

After reviewing your claim, I regret to inform you that the City of St. Louis is unable to accept liability. The police report documenting the incident reflects the operator of the police vehicle denies making contact with your vehicle.

In addition, the video provided by you depicts the police vehicle driving near your vehicle, but it is inconclusive in proving the police vehicle make contact with your vehicle.

KTVI contacted the city, which had a sudden change of heart and agreed to pay for the damage. No word if the officer was charged with a hit-and-run.

(Source: KTVI)

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