South Carolina Counties Paint Christian Crosses At Fatal Crash Sites

Margaret Fisher, the coroner in Lexington County, South Carolina, is painting Christian crosses on roadways where fatal accidents have happened even if the people killed were not of the Christian faith.

Lexington County joins Greenville County and Anderson County in the practice of promoting Christianity via roadway deaths.

Fisher defended the practice to The State:

Painting these crosses is like a memorial to the families. But it also serves as a reminder and encourages safer driving. You’re driving down the road, you see the white cross. It’ll bring awareness to the fact that, “Hey, somebody died at this location. Maybe I need to pay attention. Maybe I need to slow down.”

The coroner’s office employees keep painting supplies in their vehicles, and paint the crosses as soon as possible after they notify the family of the deceased.

“We let the families go through the grieving process before we bring up the fact that we are going to paint a cross,” Fisher added.

Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Patrick Elliott told The State:

We certainly think it’s inappropriate and unconstitutional for a government official to be painting a Christian cross on state roads, and we think it should be stopped immediately.

“If for some reason they don’t want us to paint it, then we’re not going to do it,” Fisher said. “We tell them you can think of the cross as a lower-case T that stands for ‘traffic accident.’”

(Source: The State)

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