Son Of Evangelist Says Joel Osteen Is Con Artist

Frank Schaeffer, son of the late evangelist and scholar Francis Schaeffer, slammed Houston-based megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Sept. 3.

Osteen came under heavy criticism for refusing to open his church to Hurricane Harvey victims for several days.

Frank compared Osteen to President Donald Trump and the late conservative icon Ayn Rand:

The interesting thing when you look at Joel Olsteen and Donald Trump, they really do belong together because their bottom line is success in the capitalistic material terms…

Joel Osteen lives in a 10 to $15 million house. He is one of these con artists, who like so many people in the evangelical world today, it’s about “send me money and God will bless you.” When they talk about themselves, and “look God had blessed me” and all the rest of it.

The trouble with Houston or all catastrophes or poor people, or refugees or Syria or any of these things  is that it doesn’t fit in with the Osteen-Trumpian world view of “look at me, look how successful I am. You can be like me too if you go to Trump University” in terms of Trump’s con game, or “if you come to my church” in terms of Osteen and these other prosperity gospel guys…

Osteen and these people, in terms of the old time evangelical gospel, are heretics. They are heretics because they preach a Jesus that has not come to minister to the poor, who did not say blessed are the poor and blessed are the meek.

Osteen and Trump come from the capitalist American idea of success. Their gospel is the gospel of Ayn Rand: “Blessed are those who triumph over others and get rich,” and this is not what Jesus preached.

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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