Snake-Handling Pastor, Whose Dad Died Handling Snakes, Gets Bitten & Almost Dies

Cody Coots, a snake-handling pastor at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name church in Middlesboro, Kentucky, was bitten by a rattlesnake.

The incident was captured in the new Barcroft TV documentary “My Life Inside: The Snake Church.”

Coots’ dad Jamie was killed while handling a rattlesnake at the same church in 2014, notes Yahoo News.

In the Barcroft TV video, Coots is bitten on the ear and tries to keep preaching.

As blood flows out, Coots tells his congregation, “I’m not worried at all,” and  “God’s a healer, I’m not worried.”

Coots is eventually carried out of the church, and is taken to a hospital where doctors save his life, notes the Daily Mail.

Coots is reportedly re-evaluating his life.

(Source: Barcroft TV/YouTube, Daily Mail, Yahoo News)

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