Rep. Don Young Yells at Historian Dr. Douglas Brinkley

At a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on the dangers of drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) exploded with rage. The hearing, with witnesses requested by the Democratic minority, was scheduled by Republicans for Friday afternoon. “I call it garbage, Dr. Rice,” Young said, addressing his comments to Dr. Douglas Brinkley, a historian at Rice University. When Brinkley corrected his name, Young grew even more apoplectic, saying, “I can call you anything I want if you sit in that chair.”


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  1. Dr. Brinkley,

    I am 57 served in the Air Force 437th MAW as a “Flying Crewchief”. Sir I
    stand and applauded your action with that oldman sitting behind the desk. He does
    not deserve to be a congressman ( litttle “c”)
    The people keep saying the Goverment has messed this country up, NO the Goverment is You , Me, and them. It states in the declaration ” WE THE PEOPLE”
    it is the politicians that have messed it all up. They should be tarred & feathered as
    they did in Jeffersons day. As you stated ” You (they) don’t own Me (us the people) and You Sir are very correct I (WE the PEOPLE) pay your salery.

    Thank you again for standing up
    instead of sitting there and taking it.

    Phil Burroughs


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