Skin Cancer Survivor Ticketed For Window Tint She Needs For Protection

A skin cancer survivor, Shannon Coughlin, was ticketed for her car’s tinted windows, which she needs to protect her from the sun, in Brooklyn, Ohio on Sept. 14.

Coughlin showed WEWS pictures from her past surgery:

I told him I had the tint put on there because I was diagnosed a couple years ago with skin cancer, and the doctor had said that I should take any precautions that I could. I’m just trying to avoid getting another scar on my neck.

The officer told her Coughlin that she would need to keep a note from her doctor in her car while driving.

Coughlin’s doctor wrote her a note that said, in part, the “tint is considered medically necessary.”

Coughlin said she had just gotten a new job, and she didn’t think going to court to fight the $170 ticket, so she waived her right to a court hearing and paid the ticket:

No one was listening or giving me any kind of chance. I still had to pay the fine.

Brooklyn Mayor Katie Gallagher falsely claimed that police officer did not have the medical information about Coughlin’s condition, even though she explained it on the body cam video:

The Brooklyn patrol officer wrote the ticket based on the information he had available to him at the time of the stop, which did not include any medical information.

Ms. Coughlin then paid the ticket instead of coming to court and presenting the note she received from her doctor after the ticket was written.

Coughlin believes she should have had a chance to speak with city officials about her need for the tint:

I don’t think getting ticketed for having something medically necessary was at all deserved.

(Source: WEWS)

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