Sheriffs Openly Oppose Life-Saving COVID-19 Masks as Deaths Pass 122,000: ‘Don’t Be a Sheep’

The Washington Post reports that dozens of sheriffs in numerous states are openly opposing COVID-19 mask rules even as the coronavirus death toll passes 122,000 in U.S.

Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza told a crowd outside a church Centralia, Washington, on June 23 to disobey Washington Gov. Jay Inslee who ordered residents to cover faces in public, according to video filmed by Jared Wenzelburger of The Daily Chronicle:

Here’s what I say, don’t be a sheep!

Snaza tried to legitimize his science-denial to Oregon Public Broadcasting:

My frustration is we continue to listen to the governor’s requests without asking questions, without saying: “Well wait a minute, there’s the other side to this.”

Ten sheriffs in North Carolina said they would not be enforcing a life-saving COVID-19 mask order by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper.

WWBT reports that Wes Tripp, sheriff of Halifax County in North Carolina, wrote his defiance on social media:

I certainly encourage people to be careful and take safety precautions. The wearing of a mask is a personal decision, not one of a governor in Raleigh.

The Marshall Project reported in May that at least 60 sheriffs in more than a dozen states were publicly opposing life-saving stay-at-home orders and other COVID-related restrictions issued by governors (mostly of them Democrats).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began telling people in April to cover their faces in public to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, which has met resistance from President Donald Trump and his science-denying supporters.

(Sources: The Washington Post, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Jared Wenzelburger/YouTube, WWBT, The Marshall Project)

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