Shell Plant Told Workers They Would Lose Pay Unless They Attended Trump’s Speech: Report

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that that workers at Royal Dutch Shell’s petrochemical plant in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, were told on Aug. 13 that they had to attend President Donald Trump’s speech or lose a day’s pay.

A Shell memo reportedly told workers that their “attendance is not mandatory,” but added if they did not attend the Trump rally, they would have to take a day off without getting paid.

The Shell memo allegedly told workers to show up no later than 7 a.m. on Aug.13 where they were to get their identity cards scanned and would then have to wait in line for hours before Trump’s speech: “NO SCAN, NO PAY.”

Ray Fisher, a spokesman for Shell, said Trump’s speech was “a paid training day with a guest speaker who happened to be the President.”

Ken Broadbent, business manager for Steamfitters local 449, rolled over for Shell and Trump:

We’re glad to have the jobs. We’re glad to have the project built. The president is the president whether we like him or dislike him. We respect him for the title.

(Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Photo Credit: ABC News/YouTube)

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