Serial Misinformer Jim Daly of Focus on the Family Plans to Answer Coronavirus Questions

Jim Daly, the head of Focus on the Family is planning to hold a question and answer event on April 17 on the coronavirus, according to e-newsletter by the anti-abortion evangelical organization:

You are invited to participate in this unique interactive event sponsored by Focus on the Family. Topics will include: how Focus on the Family is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, and ministering to families during this time. Jim Daly will answer posted questions as time permits.

Daly, who does not hold any medical degrees or positions, has falsely claimed that Virginia is “promoting infanticide.”

He also falsely claimed to be a “head deacon and elder” in order to get Focus on the Family declared a church for tax exepmtion reasons.

Daly pretended that President Donald Trump’s policies were not responsible for the Trump administration’s choice to separate immigrant children from their parents.

Daly falsely claimed that abortion increases the number of stillborn deaths, while fearmongering against the decriminalization of abortion in Ireland.

Daly blamed the entertainment industry and non-existent “infanticide,” but not guns, for gun massacres in El Paso and Dayton.

Daly also claimed in 2018 that NFL player protests — against police brutality of black people — “marred” the NFL season.

Daly pretended that Focus on the Family was not anti-gay in 2019 despite their long history of anti-LGBT actions.

(Source: Focus on the Family)

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