Sen. Ted Cruz Whines About Democrats Killing His Illegal Part Of The GOP Tax Bill

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas whined that Democrats killed his illegal tax giveaway to homeschoolers in the GOP Tax Reform bill.

Cruz’s tax deduction for homeschooling expenses violated Senate parliamentary rules because the Republicans chose to pass their tax giveaway to the rich via reconciliation, a process that only requires 51 votes, but is limited in scope unlike a real bill.

The Washington Examiner noted: “The Senate will strip out part of a provision that expands the use of 529 accounts to cover tuition for students in private elementary and secondary schools and homeschooling costs. The homeschooling costs will be taken out.”

Cruz complained on “Fox & Friends” that Democrats do not like to see people happy:

It’s because the Democrats have an enormous antipathy towards homeschoolers. The main argument the Democratic staff made against this is they said, “Well, gosh, 529 plans are really, really popular — people like them a lot. And if you extend them to homeschoolers, well, people are going to be really happy. That’s going to make a difference in their lives. And we, the Democrats, don’t want to see that happen on this bill so it needs to be cut out.”

After fabricating his lie about Democrats, Cruz added: “The [Senate] parliamentarian bought that bogus argument.”

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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