Sen. Ted Cruz Lectures Grieving Mom On Manners After She Confronts His Inaction On Gun Violence

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas lectured a grieving mother on manners after she confronted his repeated failures to take any action against gun violence during a rally in Webster, Texas.

Rhonda Hart, who lost her daughter in the Santa Fe High School shooting, scolded Cruz, notes KTRK:

Don’t disrespect my daughter. My daughter died. My daughter died…  You still have not introduced common-sense reform.

Cruz lectured Hart on not shouting and told her to make an appointment through his office.

Cruz recalled the confrontation to KTRK:

I wanted to be able to call him out. His inaction regarding the children of Santa Fe. Children died under his watch and he accepts money from the NRA. There is still not any sort of common-sense reform.

Texas Monthly noted in February that Cruz had received $77,450 from the NRA.

(Sources: KTRK, Texas Monthly)


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