Sen. Ted Cruz Falsely Claims He Has Opposed Government Shutdowns

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was caught lying during an interview with MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt about opposing government shutdowns.

Cruz blamed the media for bringing up his record:

In 2013, I voted repeatedly to fund the government, and in 2013 it was Harry Reid and the democrats who voted no, who voted to shut the government down just like this week Republicans voted to fund the government, and it was Chuck Schumer who voted to shut the government down.

As a matter of record, Schumer never “voted to shut the government down.”

Cruz added:

We should not be shutting the government down. I have consistently opposed shutdowns. In 2013 I said we shouldn’t shut the government down. I went to the floor asking unanimous consent to reopen the government.

Hunt reminded Cruz: “Sir, you stood in the way of that.” 

Cruz also blamed Democrats for the 2013 government shutdown — but Hunt reminded Cruz of his 2013 scheme to stop Obamacare before it could fully take effect.

Hunt added: “Sir, that’s simply not the case. This was about Obamacare funding.”

Cruz accused Hunt of trying to debate him without any facts, and Hunt replied: “Why were all of your GOP colleagues angry with you if you didn’t?”

Cruz then tried to blame his fellow Republicans for the 2013 shutdown:

In 2013, unfortunately, Republicans were divided. That was a mistake and I wrote a book a couple years ago called “A Time for Truth.” I walked through what happened and said the mistake made then in 2013 by Senate Republican leadership was to turn and attack House Republicans, and fellow Republicans and to turn Republicans on each other. That was a mistake. I wish it had not happened and I’m glad it didn’t happen this time. This time Republicans actually stayed united.

Cruz again falsely claimed the media and Schumer were behind this shutdown:

It’s actually, I think, one of the reasons why we saw a shutdown. Because, I think, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats believed they could shut the government down and reporters would dutifully blame it on the Republicans, no matter what the facts were.

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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