Sen. Rand Paul Falsely Claims Whistleblower Must Face Trump Because It’s In The Constitution

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) fasley claimed on Fox Business that President Donald Trump has a right to confront the whistleblower who outed his corrupt phone call to the Ukraine.

Sen. Paul, who demanded the media illegally release the whistleblowers’ name during a Trump rally in Kentucky on Nov. 4, falsely claimed that the Sixth Amendment, which refers to criminal trials, also applies to House impeachment hearings:

Well the Sixth Amendment is pretty clear. It is part of the Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights. It says you get to confront your accusers.

So I think it is very clear the only constitutional mandate here, if someone will accuse you of something that might remove the president from office, for goodness sakes shouldn’t they come forward to present their accusations in person?

Former Obama administration lawyer Harold Koh told NPR on Oct. 1 that the Sixth Amendment only applies to criminal trials:

It’s designed to make sure that before someone goes to prison, that they get a chance to confront the person who has charged them with the crime. This is a complete canard.

The whole point of having whistleblower complaints is that whistleblowers point to problems, and the problems can then be revealed by documents. And then the person who is being charged has to demonstrate that the whistleblower is telling falsehoods through the documents.

(Sources: Fox Business, NPR)

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