Sen. Joni Ernst Praises Trump’s Trade Agreement, Admits She Doesn’t Know What’s In It

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa proclaimed President Donald Trump’s new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada to be a “great win” before admitting she did not know what was in the agreement:

However, Ernst admitted to “CBS This Morning” that she doesn’t know what is in the trade agreement:

We haven’t seen the negotiated texts of the language that’s being put out there for the agreement and I do look forward to going through that very specific text.

But we do know that we all feel as Americans and Canadians and Mexicans that this is a great way forward. It is modernizing what was NAFTA and we have an even stronger agreement now.

“CBS This Morning” explained to Ernst that this new agreement doesn’t add anything new for Iowa farmers that they didn’t already have under NAFTA.

(Source: Joni Ernst/Twitter, CBS This Morning/Twitter)

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