Sen. Joni Ernst Claims Trump Is Defending Norway With Racist Remarks About Africa, Haiti

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa claimed that President Donald Trump was “standing up” for Norway when he told lawmakers last week that he wants immigrants from Norway and not from “sh*thole” nations such as Haiti, El Salvador and African nations.

During a weekend meeting with constituents in Red Oak, Iowa,, Ernst said she did not want to talk about the president.

According to KETV, Ernst was asked by a constituent, Barb Melson, about “the damage that Trump is doing to our neighbors around the world with his white supremacy talk.”

Ernst defended Trump by claiming: “He is standing up for a lot of countries that where we have seen…um… (groans)”

Melson asked Ernst to “name a few.”

“You bet, Norway is one of them,” Ernst answered constituents laughed.

Ernst then channeled Sarah Palin: “You laugh, but folks, who borders Norway? Russia!”

(Source: KETV via YouTube)

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