Sen. John Kennedy Pretends Brett Kavanaugh Is Telling Truth By ‘Swearing To God’

Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana pretended that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was telling the truth during a hearing in front of the Senate Judicial Committee on Sept. 27 by invoking God.

Kennedy performed this religious stunt at the end of the hearing after Kavanaugh blatantly lied several times about all of Ford’s witnesses refuting her claims, notes

Kennedy tried to legitimize Kavnaugh’s lying by having Kavanaugh swear to an unidentified god, notes the Friendly Atheist:

KENNEDY: Do you believe in God?


KENNEDY: I’m gonna give you a last opportunity, right here, right in front of God and country. I want you to look me in the eye. Are Dr. Ford’s allegations true?

KAVANAUGH: They are not accurate as to me. I have not questioned that she might have been sexually assaulted at some point in her life by someone, someplace. But as to me, I’ve never done this. Never. Done this to her, or to anyone else. And I’ve talked to you about what I was doing that summer of 1982, but I’m telling you I’ve never done this to anyone, including her…

KENNEDY: None of these allegations are true?


KENNEDY: No doubt in your mind?

KAVANAUGH: Zero. 100% certain.

KENNEDY: Not even a scintilla?

KAVANAUGH: Not a scintilla. 100% certain, Senator.

KENNEDY: Do you swear to God?

KAVANAUGH: I swear to God.

(Source: Friendly Atheist,

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