Sen. John Kennedy: Kavanaugh Opponents Not Breastfed, Have No Souls

Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana whined on Fox News that those who oppose Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were not breastfed and have no souls.

Kennedy, who has repeatedly voted to take health care away from millions of Americans, failed to mention Kavanaugh’s long list of false claims while under oath, which were noted by The Intercept.

Instead, Kennedy cried the blues about Kavanaugh opponents supposedly trying to destroy Kavanaugh and his alleged victim Christine Blasey Ford:

Some, I’m convinced — I could be convinced and rapidly being convinced don’t have a soul. How did I put it, their mothers didn’t breastfeed them. They went to raw meat. Right to raw meat. They don’t care who gets destroyed, Dr. Ford, her confidentiality, her family, they don’t care if Brett Kavanaugh gets destroyed, his reputation. Their whole mantra is just win, baby, do whatever it takes.

(Sources: Fox News, The Intercept)

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