Sen. Joe Donnelly Says He Has Black And Indian American Staffers, Adds ‘But’ They Do ‘Amazing’ And ‘Incredible’ Jobs

Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana assured voters during a debate on Oct. 30 that minorities on his staff are doing a good job:

Our state director is Indian American, but he does an amazing job. Our director of all constituent services, she’s African American, but she does an even more incredible job than you could ever imagine.

After the strange compliment, Donnelly defended his record on inclusiveness, notes The Washington Post:

It isn’t their race or their religion. It’s the incredible person that they are. But at the same time they have to have a chance, they have to have an opportunity, and that’s my responsibility. And I’ve done it in every office I’ve had and I’ve done it in every campaign I’ve had because my campaigns and our Senate office should reflect the face of Indiana.

Donnelly recently made headlines when he attacked Democrats who support “Medicare For All” Americans in an ad.

(Sources: C-SPAN, The Washington Post)


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