Sen. Bill Cassidy: Trump’s Racist ‘Sh*thole’ Comments Should Be Hidden From Public

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana blamed Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois for informing the public about President Donald Trump’s racist remarks regarding Haiti and African nations being “shithole countries”

Durbin called Trump’s remarks “vile and racist,” but Cassidy tried to blame Durbin on Fox News:

It undermines trust going forward. Whatever was or was not said, if you disagree with what the fellow or the gal said, then you disagree with them, publicly then.

But to go out and kind of, ah, report it, is going to undermine trust, not just for this issue, but for further issues. It’s just a rule of human contact, whether it’s a marriage or a friendship or a political negotiation.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)


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