Sen. Bill Cassidy Falsely Claims Graham-Cassidy Bill Protects Preexisting Conditions, Cites Trump As Source

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana falsely claimed that the Graham-Cassidy health care bill, which he co-wrote, protects people with preexisting conditions. As “proof” of his false claim, Cassidy cited President Donald Trump as his source.

In reality, the Graham-Cassidy bill allows states to permit health insurance companies to increase premiums on people with preexisting conditions, effectively pricing out people with serious health needs.

Trump tweeted on Sept. 20:

 During an interview on the C.L. Bryant Radio Show, Cassidy cited Trump’s tweet and falsely claimed that his bill defines “affordable” coverage as “low cost,” which is never does:

We address the problem of preexisting conditions, indeed last night President Trump tweeted that he would not sign a bill that did not address the issue of preexisting conditions — really strong statement.

We have language in there that says, “A governor may decide he wants to try, or she wants to try to lower health care costs and can come up with a plan to do so, but whatever plan they have must make sure that those with preexisting conditions have access to affordable and adequate coverage.”

Someone asked me, “What does affordable mean?” Well, you look it up in Merriam-Webster and it says, “Affordable is low cost, you can afford it.” So if affordable is that someone can afford it, that’s pretty good.

(Source: C.L. Bryant Show/Soundcloud, Donald J. Trump/Twitter, Photo Credit: Hudson Institute/Flickr)

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