Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Defends Saudi Arabia, Video Of Saudis Dismembering Journalist May Surface

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried to defend Saudi Arabia, which the CIA blames for the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashogg inside the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey (video below).

The CIA believes that Saudi Crown Price Mohammed bin Salman ordered the dismemberment, but Pompeo told U.S. Senators that there is no direct connection between Saudi government agents — who killed Khashogg — and their commander, bin Salman.

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins said the Senators who attended Pompeo’s briefing were angry (video below):

If we’re seeing these complaints from the Senators, this is going to end up backfiring for the administration because they’re going to feel that they’re not getting a sufficient response to this murder—they’re going to take action.

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire told CNN that she knew of a dismemberment video of Khashoggi that links the gruesome murder to Saudi Arabia.

Shaheen added that she didn’t know why the TRump administration is dismissing CIA intelligence:

I can tell you that I have spoken to someone who has seen video that has been on the Internet of what’s purported to be the dismemberment of Mr. Khashoggi. His reaction was if the American public could see that video, they would be outraged and they would force a different response from this White House.

I can’t tell you if the video is a credible source because I haven’t seen it.

But I can tell you that when there is as much information as has been released by our own intelligence community, by other, by the Turkish government about what has happened here, that it is important for the United States to reflect our values and show the outrage that people in this country feel and members of Congress feel on both sides of the aisle about what has happened here.

(Sources: CNN via YouTube, CNN)

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