Secret Audio Tapes Show Neo-Nazi Group Recruiting Former and Current Members of the U.S. Military

The Southern Poverty Law Center has obtained, via a confidential source, 80 hours of phone recordings of a neo-Nazi organization, The Base, trying to recruit U.S. military service members — retired and current — to train for a future impending societal collapse.

The audio recordings are being aired on the SPLC’s “Sounds Like Hate” podcast series.

NBC News describes the leader of The Base:

The leader of The Base, Rinaldo Nazzaro, who was born in the U.S., runs his operation out of his apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia, which he discusses in the recordings...

Nazzaro formerly was known only by his online aliases, Norman Spear and Roman Wolf, until The Guardian revealed his identity in January.

The Guardian and the BBC used photos and property records to show the links between Nazzaro and the Spear alias.

(Sources: NBC News, Southern Poverty Law Center, The Guardian, BBC, Photo Credit: New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness)

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