Sec. Of Education Betsy DeVos Robotically Repeats Same Answer After Failing To Protect Kids Against Discrimination

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos robotically repeated the same line while being called out by Democratic Sen. Barbara Lee of California for rescinding guidelines that were put in place during the Obama administration to protect minority children from being disciplined at a higher rate than white children.

DeVos responded by repeating various version of this rehearsed line: “No child should be treated or disciplined differently because of his or her race or color or national origin.”

Lee informed DeVos that children were being disciplined differently and that’s why the protections were put in place. Le e explained how DeVos had rescinded “the tools and guidance to make sure students’ civil rights are protected.”

DeVos finally admitted she lifted the federal protections in favor of local control: “Every community needs to be able to handle discipline in a way that works for them.”

Lee responded: “Thank God we had Brown v. Board of Education!”

(Source: C-SPAN via Twitter)

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