Seattle Police Investigating Woman’s Racist, Profane Tirade

An unidentified woman was filmed with a cell phone going on racist and profanity-filled tirade on Feb. 8, which is now being investigated by police in Seattle.

Aditya Asastry told KCPQ that he and two friends were standing in line for pizza when they were approached by the woman on a sidewalk:

My friend, who’s American but of Puerto Rican descent, was the first one she targeted. And myself and my other friend kind of distanced ourselves, like hey let’s not do this tonight.

And she followed us down and continued to escalate things and became more and more agitated and she started calling me things like terrorist.

Asastry said he filmed the incident for his own protection:

She noticed that and slapped the camera out of my hand, ultimately breaking my phone.

Asastry recalled that he and his friends walked away from the woman:

When I went home it was much more painful to kind of process the things that were being said. The things about “get out of my country” and the more divisive rhetoric that was said was really what gets to me.

Aditya reported the incident to the police, who are investigating, and he posted the video on Facebook to spread awareness:

I think the content is very important because you see these things and you think that happens somewhere else. And I’ve said it to myself many times, however, that’s not the case. This happens everywhere.

(Sources: KCPQ, Aditya Sastry/Facebook)

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