Sean Hannity Wants Trump To Declare A National Emergency To Go Around Congress And Fund Border Wall

Fox News host Sean Hannity said on his radio show that President Donald Trump should declare a (non-existent) national emergency in order to build his border wall, which Congress refuses to fund, notes Media Matters:

Where’s the emergency? When the emergency is just in the numbers that we gave you. The emergency is this shouldn’t be that hard to figure out because when you have that many people that are that many — that are victims of crime happening in this country, that should be enough of a national emergency.

Anyway, but so at least we have one Democrat. Look the problem is, is that when we play all of these Democrats that all sounded more like Trump than Trump sounded, and now they’re so against it, and they’re saying it’s immoral and it’s wrong and — you know at what point did as we keep especially the criminal aliens that, again, they commit crimes here.

Hannity falsely claimed that Trump’s wall would not affect immigrants who do not commit crimes:

We’re not talking about people that want to work, have productive lives, build their families, but still didn’t obey our immigration laws or respect our borders, but those that then commit crimes and then get aid and — they get aid and support, they’re aided and abetted by politicians who adopt sanctuary policies that forbids and prevents ICE from following and literally implementing federal law and deporting them.

(Source: Media Matters, Photo Credit: Fox News)

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