Sean Hannity Tells His All-White Panel That They Are Not Racist

Fox News host Sean Hannity told his all-white panel — race baiter/Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, “psychology expert” Gina Louden and commentator Danielle McLaughlin — that they were not racist on Sept. 13.

The panel was discussing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ call for a black ESPN host, Jamele Hill. to be fired for tweeting that Trump is a “white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.”

Hannity was exasperated as he assured his fellow conservative whites that they were not racists:

The most amazing thing and I can’t take it anymore, Danielle, I don’t like that conservatives, that the president — this is a lie, and this is a narrative that happens every two years and every four years, “Republicans, conservatives, the president are racist, sexist, misogynistic” — you know what, stop lying about who we are. Tomi, we are not racist, nor is the president, nor are the people around him.

Lahren went on a rant against Colin Kaepernick in August 2016, and slammed “black communities,” noted Esquire:

We’ve had a black president for almost eight years now, maybe he failed you. We also have a black woman in charge of the justice department, maybe she failed you, too. Or maybe it’s the liberals, your saviors, which have run your communities into the ground. Where does the buck stop? When will those in black communities take a step back and take some responsi-damn-bility for the problems in black communities?

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, Esquire)

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