Sean Hannity Blames North Korea On Obama, Clinton, Not Trump

Fox News host blamed the current North Korea-U.S. situation on former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, while absolving President Donald Trump of responsibility.

During his rant, Hannity falsely claimed that Clinton and Obama “ignored the problem” notes Media Matters:

Of course Bill Clinton was naïve, he turned out to be completely wrong. Why? Because in 1998, North Korea, they test fired a long range missile. By 2006 North Korea conducted their first nuclear test and then under the Obama administration the North Korean threat increased rapidly and literally have turned this into a crisis point that President Trump now has to deal with. And in the case of the Obama administration, remember, they drastically cut our strategic defense capabilities, not a smart thing. Basically the Clinton administration, the Obama administration, they ignored the problem, they kicked the can down the road.

Hannity also failed to mention that North Korea acquired nuclear weapons under President W. George Bush, notes Rolling Stone:

“North Korea set off its first nuclear bomb in October 2006. Seismic readings suggested the bomb was significantly smaller than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Further negotiations with the United States, China (now North Korea’s main trading partner), South Korea, Russia and Japan led to a new agreement by North Korea to again stop developing nuclear weapons in return for aid, including much needed food supplies. This agreement broke down in 2009. Shortly afterwards, in May of that year, North Korea set off its second bomb.”

(Sources: Media MattersRolling Stone)

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