Sean Hannity Advised Trump To Release Sen. Devin Nunes Anti-FBI Memo: Report

The Daily Beast reports that Fox News host Sean Hannity has been advising President Donald Trump to declassify the anti-FBI memo written by Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California.

Three sources told The Daily Beast that Hannity — who has been hyping the Nunes memo on his show — has been in regular contact with Trump on the phone in recent weeks.

Trump and Hannity have reportedly discussed the how the memo could publicize the unproven anti-Trump bias and “corruption” at the FBI. 

On Feb. 2, Trump declassified the memo that the FBI opposing releasing because of the huge potential fallout within the law enforcement.

The GOP-controlled House then released the memo on Feb. 2, but refused to release a Democratic counter-memo.

The White House and Hannity refused to comment.

(Source: The Daily Beast, Photo Credit: Sean Hannity/Twitter)


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