Scott Baio Retweets Image Suggesting Sandy Hook, Charlottesville Are Hoaxes

Former sitcom star Scott Baio reportedly retweeted a photoshopped picture that suggested the Sandy Hook school shooting and the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia were hoaxes.

Baio retweeted the image and wrote: “Thoughts.”

The retweeted picture falsely implied that Heyer’s mother and a Sandy Hook mom are the same person. The picture is credited to ShadyHoaxComix, which pushes the false conspiracy theory that the mass Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, notes

After being called out on Twitter, Baio deleted his retweet and went on the defensive: “Where or when did I ever say that? Stop reaching for anything other than me asking 4 others thoughts.”

UPDATE: After outrage on social media, Baio decided to tweet an apology: “In retrospect, I wish I had thought longer about retweeting that conspiracy photo. I shouldn’t have sent it. It was wrong. #Baio.”

UPDATE 2: Baio’s wife Renee has made the situation worse by tweeting to a Sandy Hook mom.

(Source:, Scott Baio/Twitter / Photo Credit: ShadyHoaxComix/#White Rabbit/Twitter)

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